How to Recover Windows 7 password

How to solve the Windows 7 password loss problem? A robust password is very helpful to protect our computer, however, it may hold us if we cannot input the correct password. When you forgot the password, I guess the first thing you may do is reinstall system or restore system. I also performed the system restore when…

Bypass Windows 7 password

"Hello, guys. I cannot access my computer now because I cannot remember the password. Is there any easy ways to bypass the password? I do not want to format the system disk to re-install the system for I get a lot important data in the disk. Free tools are preferable, but the paid ones are also OK. "

Reset Password on Windows 7

Forgot window 7 password? Do not worry, here are some tips to reset Windows 7 password.The first method you may consider is system restore, which is easy and free to use, but it needs you to install all apps again, for the data in partition C is deleted when restore system. If you can bear those works, you can perform…